Howto – Simple & cheap DIY airflags and airgates using pool noodles!

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In order to get some race practice in, I needed to get some airflags and airgates. I have used some sticks I found around the field in the past, but not every field I fly at has them, and they can be hard to drive into the ground.
So I decided to make my own airflags and airgates using some poolnoodles.

What we need for these very simple to build flags and gates is:

  • Pool noodles: 1 per airflag, 2 or 3 per airgate.
  • PVC tubing: About 2 meters
  • Ground pegs or tent pegs: 1 per airflag, 2 per airgate
  • TiewrapsIMG_20160610_200016
    Requirements for 1 ‘small’ airgate


Step 1 (Preparations):

Measure the inner diameter of your pool noodle, mine were about 19mm. You will need to acquire some PVC tubing with an outer diameter that matches the pool noodles inner diameter. I found some electrical PVC tubing with an outer diameter of 20mm that fitted perfectly inside of the noodle. You want the PVC pipe to slide in without too much force, but it should stay in place once inserted.

Step 2 (Cutting the pipe):

Cut the PVC pipe in pieces of about 20cm. My PVC pipe was 2 meters, so I got 10 20cm pieces from it.
You need 1 piece per airflag, 3 per ‘small’ airgate, and 4 per ‘big’ airgate.

Step 3 (Make the gate-pegs):

Take 1 piece of PVC pipe and use tiewraps to firmly secure the ground peg to it. You will probably still be able to slide the peg around a bit with some force; that’s ok.IMG_20160610_200124

Step 4 (Airflag Assembly):

To make an airflag simply take 1 of the gate-pegs you just made and stick it in the ground, then simply slide the pool noodle over it.IMG_20160610_200857

And your done!

Step 5 (Airgate Assembly):

To make your airgate, simply take 1 pool noodle and slide piece of PVC pipe into the noodle so that half of it sticks out of the noodle.
Then take another noodle and slide that over the protruding part of the pipe.


After that, slide 2 gate-pegs into the other ends of the pool noodles and stick them into the ground.


Et voilá, 1 airgate!
You can create a bigger airgate by using 3 pool noodles.

The beauty of this system, is that you can easily change between airflags and airgates and make an entirely different track each time.