More upgrades & fixes : HMB-235

Buildlog, Multirotor, RC

With the new ESC’s flashed with BLHeli 14.5 , it is time to replace the old ESC’s.

The new XRotor 20A ESC’s are replacing the old Afro 20A ESC’s because the old ones just couldn’t cope with the RS2205-2300 motors I have on the quad.

Mounting the Xrotor’s wasn’t that hard, they are a little bit larger, but the frame has enough space to fit them on. The mounting hasn’t changed, they are stuck to the frame with some double sided tape and then secured with some tape. I have put a bit of heatsthrink on top of them to prevent the tape from sticking to the chips and causing problems if I ever have to pull it off  again.


To be able to reach the PDB, everything has to come out, so that’s the perfect time to change some other little things.

The first change I made, was to move the R7008SB receiver to the back instead of on top of the FC. In the old spot, the receiver would prevent the FPV camera to be able to tilt further backwards, it was also hard to properly secure it in place. It fits snugly in the back of the quad. I had to lengthen the cable from the PDB to the external voltage port on the RX, but that ment I could use the old short cable to plug into the FC. Even though Futaba telemetry is not yet supported by betaflight, the FC can now use the beeper as an extra low-voltage alarm. The other added bonus is that it’s now a bit easier to take the top off the quad because the only hardware that is mounted to the top can easily be disconnected by servo plugs. This ment that I had to redo the RX antenna mounting. It looks a lot better now, and will hopefully be stronger as well.


The cabling in the back used to be a giant heap of cables just packed in there. The biggest reason were the servo leads. I have routed and looped those between the PDB and FC now so that they are out of the way. It looks a lot better now and theres also less chance of a wire sticking out of the frame and getting caught in a prop.

I also swapped the pigtail with the XT60 to the other side of the quad since the VTX antenna is now on the other side. It made it hard to unplug the LiPo without bending  and knocking around the antenna.

Another change I made was to move the VTX. It used to be mounted on the underside of the top plate. That ment the only way to access the dipswitches to change the channel was to remove the entire VTX+antenna. I have now mounted it on the back of the quad on the supplied battery-stopper-thingiemajig that came with the frame. Because the VTX is mounted more solidly now, I decided to secure the VTX antenna with some zipties to prevent ripping the SMA connector from the VTX in case of a crash.

The last thing I did was to mount a bit of foam under the FPV camera to make it a bit less prone to vibrations. The cam has the tendency to rotate a bit in the mount, this helps a bit. I’m still unsure if it helps enough, the camera still has a bit room to move. If this doesn’t help enough I will either have to glue it in place, or get a completely new camera mount.