FPV Practice – Improvised Airflags

Flightlog, Multirotor, RC

Practicing FPV flying around some ‘improvised airflags’. I don’t have any real airflags (yet), so I stuck some sticks into the ground and used those as flag to make a simple circuit.

The first crash was kinda weird and I have had the same problem before. As soon as I punch the throttle shortly after takeoff, the quad spins out of control. However, it doesn’t happen when I fly for a minute and then do a full throttle punch out. I ahve watched the blackbox logs and I can see that motor 1 maxes out when this happens. Im not sure why this happens, I might try replacing the ESC, but for now I’ll just do full throttle punchouts right after takeoff 😉

Also, I noticed I need some more uptilt on the mobius. I have made a new mobius tilt system out of depron. It’s easier to build, replace and it also gives more vibration dampening then the old hard-plastic one. Durability is a slight  concern, but so far it seems to be working quite well 🙂