Upgrades & fixes : HMB-235

Buildlog, Multirotor, RC

I managed to get a little bit of flying in in the time is hasn’t been raining over here. I only managed to fly 1,5 batteries because both my antenna tiewraps broke off and of course I forgot to bring the right stuff to efficiently repair it in the field. At the same time so youth arrived to play some soccer on the field, so I decided to head home for some repairs before heading to a new field. Unfortunately by the time I fixed the quad, it had started to rain again 🙁
I can’t wait for summer to arrive….

To repair the antenna straws, I decided to use bigger and wider tie-wraps for more strength. Hopefully these will survive a bit longer then the old ones.



Another thing I noticed while flying, was that while flying LOS the quad seemed nice and stable, but while flying FPV I had a lot of vibration/oscillation in the FPV feed. When reviewing the Mobius footage afterwards I didn’t notice the vibration at all, just a bit of Jello. When checking the quad I noticed that the FPV cam was quite loose. I have tightened it down, so hopefully that solves the problem. Otherwise I’ll go back to stock PID’s and re-tune the quad.


LC Filter

Also, my LC Filters finally arrived from China, so I added that to the system to clean up the power to the VTX and camera. I decided to add them because I’ve been having a lot of scrolling horizontal lines in my FPV image when I throttle up. The more power I apply, the worse the problem becomes. It’s not unflyable, but it’s distracting and makes it a bit harder to fly. Initial bench tests look good, but I’ll have to fly the quad to be certain the LC-Filter solved the problem.


While packing up the quad, I also broke my mobius mount when I tried to take it off. That 3M industrial strength velcro is just too strong 😉
I’ll have to think of a better mounting system for the mobius, because the current one turned out to be not that strong. It also didn’t provide any damping to reduce the jello in the image, and it has a fixed tilt angle. Time to head back to the bench to think of a better solution 🙂