Another day of flying and some adjustments: HMB-235

Flightlog, Multirotor, RC

The weather finally cooperated a bit, so time to fly!

Unfortunately most fields near me are either too small to fly at for my skills, or are still swamps because of all the rain we’ve had lately.
No flight video just yet, but here are some pictures of the results:

Unfortunately one of my LiPo’s has had it’s balance lead mangled by one of my props:


I have ordered a bunch of new balance leads, but untill then 1 LiPo is down for the count. I will also have to think of a way to prevent this from happening, perhaps with a small velcro strap.

You can also see the new angled mobius mount I manged to build out of loose scraps I had lying around. This will get me some better HD video with about the same angle as the FPV Camera.
Here’s some closeup pics.