My first quad: HMB-235 Buildlog – First FPV Flight!

Buildlog, Multirotor, RC

The weather finally cooperated, so I managed to get my first ever FPV flight!

It took a bit of getting used to the image quality, it’s just so different then in the simulator, but I was pleasantly surprised by the FPV image reception. I had very little breakups in the FPV feed even with the short antenna on the quad.

The PID’s and rates are still stock settings these flights, so the flips and rolls I do near the end are quite slow. I will start tuning and changing settings the next time I go out and fly. Thanks to the excellent EZ-GUI Groundstation app I can change the cleanflight settings in the field using my phone and an USB-OTG cable. That turned out to be very useful during the first flights when I noticed a mistake in my settings that caused the quad to fly in angle mode instead of rate mode…

When reviewing the footage I also noticed I didn’t make an angled mount for the mobius yet, so the HD footage shows a lot of grass 😉

All in all, I’m calling it a successful first 4 flights. The only damage the quad took was 4 bent props, I expected to break a lot more.