My first quad: HMB-235 Buildlog – First flight

Buildlog, Multirotor, RC

The weather finally cooperated so I maidened the HMB-235.

The first flights were done Line Of Sight, because unfortunately the FPV camera still hasn’t arrived. Because the flight was LOS, I had the quad in horizon mode the entire time. The main reason for the flight was to test if everything was working and to see if the motor got quite hot on the bench would be giving me any problems. Luckily the problem seems to have vanished as it performed just as well as the other 3 motors and didn’t run any hotter.

Warning: Boring LOS horizon mode hover-test video ahead 😉

2 Lipo’s later I could call the testflights a success, everything worked as it should. Some things I need to improve/change: The HD video still has quite a bit of jello, if balancing the props doesn’t help (enough) I will create a small anti-vibration mount for the mobius and see if that helps. Also the RC rates were very low in horizon mode. I don’t plan on using that mode a lot, but I will crank up the rates a bit to make it a bit more enjoyable to fly in horizon mode if I have to.