My first quad: HMB-235 Buildlog – The parts

Buildlog, Multirotor, RC

So it has been decided, I was going to build me my very first quadcopter. The first choice I had to make was choosing a frame, and after some browsing around I ended up going for the HMB-235, also known as ‘The indestructible frame’.
At first I was a bit sceptical, but after watching the HMB-235 Destructional Video I knew that this was the frame for me. As a new quadcopter and FPV pilot I will be crashing a lot and usually the frame is the first thing to break in crashes.

So after the frame has been decided, it was time to pick the other parts. Some initial parts I chose have changed because of them getting out of stock (pro-tip; don’t order stuff from China during or right after the Chinese New Year 😉 ), but eventually I settled for the next parts:

Frame: HMB-235
Motors: EMAX RaceSpec RS2205  2300kv
ESC’s: Afro Race Spec Mini 20Amp Opto
Flight Controller: SP Racing F3
VTX: TS5823S 40CH 5.8G 200MW
VRX: Boscam RC58-40CH 40CH
FPV Camera: Foxeer XAT600 600TVL

Other misc parts:
PDB with 5/12V outputs
Kingkong 5040 props (lots of em 😉 )
2-in-1 Led strip and buzzer
A pair of nameless 5.8GHz cloverleaf antennae

As for FPV Goggles I went for the Quanum V2 DIY Goggles. They provide and unbeatable bang for the buck, and since my eyes are pretty poor I wanted to be able to wear my glasses while flying FPV. Eventually I might want to pick up a pair of 2nd hand fatsharks and get some custom diopter inserts in them, but for now the Quanums will have to do.

I already have a Mobius actioncam, so I will use that to record HD footage from the quad for now.

Overall I think this setup will do pretty well, the only item I would like to upgrade in the near-ish future will be the Afro ESC’s. I originally wanted to go for the excellent Xrotor ESC’s, but they seemed to be out of stock with all the vendors that could deliver to me for a reasonable price.

After I ordered and waited for the shipping to arrive I also found out that the SPRacing F3 flightcontroller I got turned out to be a chinese clone instead of the real thing. I will see how it holds up.