A short introduction

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Hey there readers,

This is is my personal blog where I am going to try and document my journey into the world of model aircraft, multi-rotors and FPV flying.

Let’s start with a short introduction about me and my RC history.
My RC experience started when I joined a local model flying club in august of 2014. Initially I started only started flying fixed wing aircraft, my first bird was a ‘T2M Explorer, which is basically the same model as the more known ‘Hype You can Fly!’ and ‘FlyZone Sensei’ models , just with different stickers. Some club members did have multi-rotors, I found them very interesting from a technical standpoint, but flying them seemed boring, so I stuck to flying fixed wing models.

While doing research about RC Flying I ran across FliteTest on youtube and they got me interested in building my own aircraft, so I got a bunch of Depron (it’s very hard to find affordable foamboard in the Netherlands, while most hobbyshops have a decent stock of Depron) and an old hotglue gun and started building some models. Not every project was successful, but for me, building is just as much fun as flying so I don’t really mind the occasional failure.

The past couple of months I’ve been watching more at multirotors and especially mini-quads. A couple of months ago I installed a couple of FPV Quadcopter simulators on my PC, connected my transmitter and started to fly around a bit in them. I started around with a demo version of FPV Freerider and Hotprops to get a bit of a feel for this new part of the hobby and I started to like it, even though I could not stay in the air for more then 10 seconds no matter how hard I tried.
I then found the excellent ‘How To Fly An FPV Multirotor In Acro Mode‘ YouTube series by Joshua Bardwell. Once I got the the hang of it I was hooked, spending more hours in the simulator in a couple of days then I had spent on the flying field in the entire month!

This new interest eventually led me to my latest project, to get me a real racing mini-quad and get into mini-quad FPV flying myself. I will be blogging about the progress and my adventures on the way.

Be warned though, many many props will be hurt in the process! 😉